Hello, my friends!

Sorry for a long silence by my side! I'm now at my Final European Phototour 2017. It's Final for this year, because my EU visa is almost expired.

At this trip I planned to visit three countries of EU and for sities: Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt.
So, Berlin is behind, Amsterdam is almost too, and today I will fly to Brussels.

And I want to share with You some backstages from photoshooting, which I did with very good, kind and talented photographer from Berlin - Hannes Hafele.
We also did few body shots. I like them very much! We were very lucky to make it, because now I get more thin after my weekend with mom (I get extra 1,5 kg) and maybe first time in my life my breast dicided to stay with me at the time of loosing weight!

So, enjoy! =*
I like this aesthetic of the body and my last body))

Hope, I gave some inspiration to You, so, have a great day!

Lots of kisses,
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