Hello, my friends!

Hope, Your week is good!

I'm preparing myself to my way to my home town - Sevastopol. And, finally, I finished to build my plans about the last part of my European phototour!

So, they are:
  • Berlin, Germany - 18-20 November.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands - 21-23 November.
  • Brussels, Belgium - 24-26 November.
  • Frankfurt, Germany - 28-30 November.
  • Moscow, Russia - 1-6 December.
  • Kiev, Ukraine - from 7 December.

And in Sevastopol, at my home, I will be 10-14 November.

So, I wish You to have good week and weekend! And can advice You to check my photo galleries. I have some new photos for You!

Marianna Merkulova.

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