Great news, my dear friends!

5th issue of the print erotic magazine “GOODIES" is still available!!! Only 2.000 copies! Don't loose Your chance!!

“GOODIES" Magazine s an aesthetic photography+nude art+lifestyle magazine catering to the art connoisseur. Each issue is a collector's edition. The magazine showcases and promotes an organic and eclectic mix of stunning nude erotic photography; unique stories and features beautiful, 100% all-natural models and people from around the world who enjoy living the Goodies lifestyle - Be nude; live free; smile and have fun.

All editions are limited to 2,000 individually numbered copies from 1/2000 and are sold exclusively to our Goodies VIP member list. Once issues are sold out of print, there will not be a reprint run. To join our list scroll down to the bottom of this page.

The Goodies team traveled around the world to bring you the sexiest, hottest, most amazing issue yet. From Los Angeles, Brazil, Greece, to Eastern Europe… this issue is filled with stunning erotic nude photography - featuring 8 gorgeous all-natural models; interesting stories; interviews; we cover and profile the incredible art of Leo Charre ... and much more!

Reach inside and discover the many Goodies that await you. new the most hottest photos in!!!

I saw some comments that I'm looking in the magazine very different than before. But You need to understand that I'm “growing up" - I'm almost 25 now and, of course, I'm looking a bit different than I was looking, when I was 19 years old. My expression changes until all the time. But I'm still all-natural, without silicone or something else.

Don't loose Your chance to be the unique one of the 5th issue of the “GOODIES" Magazine!!!
You can buy it here.

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