Good morning to You from Munich, my dear friend! I'm enjoying last warm Autumn days here - +20°C. Today is my last shooting day here. It will be very interesting style, which I prepared by myself with love. Sure, You will like it!
I will show it today in my Instagrams:
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And tomorrow I will fly back to Kiev. Yes, I had great plans for this Grand European phototour, but now I need to cancel them. I believe in symbols, and so many things happened befor I started it.
I flight back to Kiev after 1,5 week of shootings in Taipei, Taiwan. It was a great time! But my coming back home brought to me sad news. I rented a flat in Kiev with other model for 3 months and everything was good. So, I even can't imagine, what happened that she took all her things, stole some of mine and runned away from our flat! When I wrote her and asked, why she did it, she replied: "Marianna, you shouldn't worry about your things, it's almost nothing. When you lose something, Universe will give to you something 1000 times better in exchange!".
Ok, I don't care about things, but I care about people. It makes me so sad, when I thought about someone much more better, than this person was.
It's my bad habit - to think about people better than they are. Rater I smoke or drink alcohol. Never could understand why it happen: you're doing many good things to someone and this someone after makes to you some bad things...

So, I prepared my baggage for a long tour in a very sad mood. Next day happen very stupid thing: I asked my friend to buy for me ticket to the airplane, he did it, I came on time to the airport. But here was one problem: there are two airports in Kiev and we came to another one... So, I lost my plane to the Budapest.

Next day I came to Budapest by car. 12 hours of road, and I was on place. The same day I had a very good shooting with photographer, which came to Budapest from Vienna to shoot me. Can't wait to share with You some of them!)) So, everything was good, I enjoyed Budapest, because it's very beautiful city! So many couples everywhere! At such moments I become little bit jealous. Because, when you have some good moments, you need to share it with someone, who is very close to your heart. I hadn't. Especially it was felt, when I had this evening ship-walk on Danube river. Amazing view!
Next day I felt myself ill - it was some type of allergy, so I was need a doctor. But the same day I should go to Vienna. So, I haven't any time for doctor, and I don't did an insurance before, when I was in Kiev. It was complicated situation: on the one hand I had great plans for the next two months all over the Europe, especially about Spain, which I dreamed to visit again all last year; and my health - on the other hand. Of course, health is the most important thing! So, I understood clearly, that I need to come back to Kiev directly from Budapest. But I had confirmed shootings at Vienna and Munich... Of course, I still had time to cancel them, but I don't wanted. I gave my word to photographers, that I'll be on shooting, so for me it was out of the question. But I decided for me, that after Munich I will come back to Kiev for sure, and bought a ticket. If You just can imagine! The next day after I made this decision, I became to feel myself better.

As I wrote before, I believe in symbols, and always know. that if something comes just bad, it means, that I'm on the wrong way. But when I turn to the other way, everything starts to be just fine! I don't know, why Universe decided to destroy all my plans, but, hope, she has something much more better for me!

So, I came to Austria with a calm soul. Vienna, capital of Austria, is fantastic beautiful city! And I walked a lot. The most favorite place for me there was park of attractions!
In Vienna I also had very good shooting with photographer from San Francisco. Soon I will show You some of these photos.

And after Vienna I moved to Munich. Weather is so warm here! Also great work and relax here.
I wish You to have a great Monday morning and to go to the work in a perfect mood! See You soon!!!

In good faith,

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