Hello, my dear friends!

Last two weeks I stay in Kiev, and few last days it's real winter here! Lots of snow!!
I'm so sorry and feeling myself very guilty for this long silence!

I not forget about you! I just had busy days.

I finished phototour and flight to Moscow to visit my family, then I came back to Kiev and had one week of illness. After it I started my 2-weeks intensive course of french language and my mom came to Kiev from Sevastopol to spend these 2 weeks with me! So, all my last 14 days are fully busy with my studying, mom and little bit of sleeping.

And what about yours days?

How did You celebrated Christmas?
In Russia and Ukraine we have Christmas at 7 of January. So, we haven't celebration on Monday. I spent Monday evening in laying in the bed and watching movie "The Dark Tower".

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