Hello, my friends!

I know, I didn't continued my blog for almost a half of the year... And I received a lot of new subscribers of my site and followers for my two instagram pages! All of you - are my friends! And I always glad to meet new one!
Some of You I know more, because You are always keep in touch with me in my social network! And I'm very happy and appreciate to have You as my friends!
All this "silence time" I had a bit of strange mood... Too busy with my small problems and private life, and no enough of inspiration for something else... I tried to do many things: I studied for express course of french language, so now I can: "Bonjour. Je m'apelle Marianna. J'ai vingt-quatre ans. Je suis étudiant à l'Institut Français. Je suis modèle e actrece." =))) Also I worked for my own beauty-brand "#merkulovabeauty" and for my lingerie brand "ton.plaisir".
Also my beauty-brand was as one of the sponsors for the charity auction "Dreamy house" for a family with 20 adopted children.
My both instagrams @marianna_merkulova and @mariannamerkulovaofficial growing up fast: 27,6K and 25,3K followers!
So, if You want to be in my life 24h per day - follow them! =*

Now I want to make a small gift to You - this cute movie.

Do You like?

Have a nice evening!
With love,
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