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Today in one russian online magazine was published my interview. So, I will publish it here in English!

Photos in this article made by Stephan TH, and they are from my "Marianna Merkulova Art-Nude calendar 2018". You can buy it in my shop.
Hope, You will like it, so enjoy))

What is Your secret, Marianna? How to make the photos look so stunning?
I'm doing my work with the great love! For me, to undress myself in front of the camera is very similar to make love with a beloved man. I give myself fully to the process of making photos. The camera feels it and reciprocates.

Do people recognize you on the streets?
Yes, sometimes. But, most of all, in Europe and, especially, is Asia, much more often, that in Russia or Ukraine. In my country nude-modelling is very popular and the most beautiful nude and erotic models are slavic, the attitude of society to this sphere of art leaves a lot to be desired.

What is the most special characteristic of your character?
Hmm... I don't know... Maybe, duality? Sometimes, I mix inside of myself lots of incompatible things. For example, laziness and craving to adventures, compulsion and irresponsibility, kindness and cruelty, two higher educations and "blondness", simplicity and "star in the forehead". And I show all these qualities depend on situation.

Marianna, tell about your dreams.
I think, that dreams - it's very intimate thing. I don't share my cherished dreams with anyone. But smaller dreams match with my plans: want to travel to USA, United Kingdom, India, to many countries of Asia, to buy a flat, to see Northern Lights, to have a pet - raccoon, fur coat.

Who are your dearest people?
My dearest people - it's my family and close friends. They were with me in so many different situations: bad or good, but they always stayed close to me, helped me. It's very difficult to become close to me.

What's the most important for you in people?
The most important things in person for me is - how much he's sincere with you; what is the purpose of his communication with you; if it's possible to rely on him in a difficult situation; does it match what he says to you and what he says behind your back.

What is your the most favorite alcohol cocktail? How much you need to drink to become drunk?
I don't drink alcohol. Never.

Which dish or drink you never tried but wish?
I like asian food so much! Dream to travel to Thailand end to enjoy particular food!

What's with your private life? How mach time do you spend on it? Or carreeris more important?
Some times ago I spoke with my friend - other nude-model - she's happy in relationships now, travels worldwide and almost don't make a model work. We came to the conclusion, that in our sphere is so complicated to have a balance between private life and work. It's the same, as in any other profession - if you fully give yourself to your favorite action, then you'll haven't any time and energy on something else.
Look: during last 6 months I was in Crimea, in total, about 4 weeks, in Kiev - 3 weeks. All other time - on shootings in Europe and Asia. Which man will agree with fact, that his beloved woman belongs to him maximum one week in a couple of months, and all other time she is somewhere with someone at unknown point of the world. Nude.
And now I flight in my GRAND EUROPEAN PHOTOTOUR for 2 months.

So often I see men, that aren't "weighed down" with observance of any moral principles, especially, in a part of fidelity to their women, - to let there be no illusions, that someone will wait me, as Hachi from famous movie, "putting his hands on his knees" so long time...

When on the street You're turning back, do you see the crowd of men looking at you?
Oh, no, I'm not walking nude. πŸ˜‚

Marianna, tell, how often maniacs try to get to know you?
I don't know, they don't write on their foreheads, that they're maniacs. πŸ˜… Sometimes I meet some people with strangenesses, but in the case of it I stop communion.

Which style do you want to try for your shootings?
During my 10 years of model work and 6 years of nude-model work I tried so many different styles for maybe thousand of shooting, so this question makes me perplexed. But, if to speak about my future shootings, - European photographers often say to me, that I'm looking like Mother of Dragons - Daenerys Targarien. So, soon You will see me in new style)

What man should do to conquer you?
Hmm, I even can't imagine! Maybe...just to be a man? Complicated to describe, what exactly... Or person "clings" you, or no. But if to speak about relationships, which are already started, I think, that they need "wow"-effect time to time: here he is "wow" as perfect lover for you, there he is "wow" as interesting person for communion, than he "wow" as provides you with all what you need and helps you to solve your problems. Relationships needs such "wow"-replenishment!

Do you can to become acquainted with someone on street, or it's too low level for such famous person as you?
In this question I'm like illustration from russian joke: "I'm not getting acquainted on the streets. I'm not getting acquainted on parties. I'm not getting acquainted in cinemas and exhibitions. I'm not getting acquainted in traffic jams. I'm not getting acquainted anywhere. But I'm waiting, when I will go marry successfully." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Many people like to have a panic by topic "What's the most important: carrier or children?" Do you have priorities in it?
For men the main way for self-realization is career, but for women there are two ways: career and family. Women of "hothouse" type, as a rule, don't strive for self-fulfillment as independent social unit, and because of it initially aimed: to marry successfully and to born children. Yes, it's cool, if you have possibility to sit on somebody's head with your legs dangling and to feel yourself happy there. But if woman hasn't even though hobby - favorite action - it turns to her hopeless boredom, and the one entertainment in this case - it's only to fuck brain of her man. But it'snot my way.
Generally, cor me career is something conditional, ephemeral. I don't like this word - "work", - it's associated for me with the necessity to work one's fingers to the bone to provide yourself - for women it's humiliating. Because to provide family - it's men's prerogative.
As for me, I need an action, that will bring a pleasure to me. Of course, it should bring me an income, because each work should be paid, but amount of income isn't the decisive criterion for me. Modelling is my favorite action, which gives me possibility to provide myself and my family, and to travel. But, In the context of the above, it's work too.
The best age to create a new life, I think, is 30 years old. So, I still have many years to create a family.

Ok, we understood all about your best points. And what about your bad sides?
Sometimes I'm very lazy; I let myself to eat lots of sweet things. And sometimes I'm, optional, extremely eccentric, impulsive and capricious. At random.

How do you stay in a good shape? Which part of your body is your favorite?
Can't say, that I'm thin. I'm in good, curvy shape. My way to keep this shape - not to eat too much chocolate and not to eat after 18:00, to do some sports.

I like myself at all, can't choose something one.

Did you ever beat a man?
Yes, I did it maybe twice in my life. But, I think, they liked it. Because what's the other reason, why they induced me to do it? But I hate this!

Which talents and skills do you have?
I have two high degrees, one of which is Master degree. Also I'm makeup artist, hairdo stylist, lashmaker and TV actress. If to be honest, I never had any outstanding talents. Or... 😈

Marianna, what do you think about sex on the first date?
Nothing. Every person has it own "time frames" for "convergence". As for me, sex never was my physical need, just psychological need for closeness. And person, even the most wonderful, can't become closer Π±neither on the first, nor even on the tenth date. Because of it, this "action" should mean something much more bigger, than just "the set of of mindless body movements".

If you'll receive 2 millions of dollars, what you'll do with it?
If I had 2 millions of dollars, the biggest part I invested in a big business, and other part I spent to buy a house near the sea. And, finally brought my mother to Thailand.

Marianna, how do you think, are your actions able to make some influence on the society and make some changes in it?
Last time I'm in solidarity with proverb "God helps those who help themselves.". I see the sense of my life in a happy existence, not in a fighting with "windmills".

What was your biggest success in your life? And what was a failure?
I don't want to choose the biggest attainment or failure. Want to believe, that my the most successful days are ahead. But, definitely, my huge attainment is that nowadays I'm one of the TOP of erotic models of the world, I was on the pages of Playboy USA and Playboy Ukraine, that I visited many European countries. And I don't want to stop!

Marianna, what's the most important in your life? Why?
The most important for me in my life is my family and my freedom. Family - because my native people are always with me, close to me, support me. To them I owe all, what I have nowadays! Freedom is important, because I'm free to dispose of my life, as I wish, because I'm responsible of all, what happen in my life.

How do you imagine your ideal relax?
I feel myself especially happy, when I wake up in a new, unknown city, when here is a whole day ahead, full of new impressions! But, probably, the best rest is when you can share your happiness with someone very close...

What's is the way to your heart?
Great, when you know, what's necessary for happiness of your half-person and, most importantly, you want and you can give it to him. When you make the choice to be with this person, to make him happy every day of yours life together, till the end. This desire must be sincere and mutual. For me, this is Love.

What can You wish to your followers?
Probably, it will be very trite, but I want to wish them love and happiness! Happiness - it's very capacious concept, and for each person it has own meaning. If every person on earth will love, will be loved and filled with happiness - there would be no wars, no hatred, people would not hurt each other. And I wish You to travel a lot!
So, what do You think about my interview? Do You like it?
And do You like these photos? They are from my Marianna Merkulova artnude calendar 2018. You can buy it in my shop.

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