Good Monday morning, dear friend!
How was Your weekend? Are You ready to start new week?

Today is 5th day as I arrived Kiev. Next day I spent in panic, because I came here for a short period of time and almost haven't anything to do: no work, my friend flight to Maldives to make shooting of her new dress collection. So, I feel myself here alone and bored... Terrible feeling. But I understood, why people create families, born children, have pets and find work: we born and die alone, but on our way from cradle to grave we need someone to divide with us our road...

These 10 days in Europe and 2 weeks in Taipei I was fully busy with work and it made me feel myself happy and necessary. Necessity is my biggest weakness. Few days ago I spoke with my friend about work. She was totally busy from early morning till late night, because she had to finish her new dress and swimwear collection for shooting in Maldives. We both have similar opinion about work: it can take 24/7 of your time, It may

not leave you time for your private life, but it's almost just one thing, which can make you to feel yourself fully happy. Other one thing is - children. It's sadly to recognize, but men aren't able to give similar feeling. Here, in Russia/Ukraine we live in a world of replaceable people; so men here build relationships with women in a way, as they'll never get 70-90 years old, as they'll never have impotence, baldness, sclerosis or even they'll never be paralyzed and need native person close to them to divide the heaviness of their condition. They live "one day" and want to receive from this day all and as more, as possible, no matter, what they'll have in future.

I feel myself able to build serious relationships. But I need to be sure, that this person will be with me no matter what will happen in future. And I can't be sure in it...

Ok, let's stop to tallk about sad things!

Better, look, what's the cake I cooked yesterday morning! It's very delicious!!! Do You want to try my apple pie?

Other days of previous week went better - I received some model and makeup work for the next weekend. So, now I feel myself much more happier than at that panic day! We always should remember: it's just bad day, not bad life.

But tell me please, when You have bad day, what You're usually doing to make it better?

So, let's come back to the previous weekend. In Saturday I visited terrarium. There were many interesting "animals". Do You like such type of them?
Next Saturday and Sunday people will celebrate Halloween. And after my shooting in Munich with Daenerys Targarien style from my favorite movie "Game of thrones" I know, whom I will be at this Halloween!

Do You watch GOT movie? Do You like it? Who is Your favorite in?
I found wig for this shooting, made hairdo and makeup in "Mother of dragons" style. How do You think, was this style successful for me? Am I looking like Daenerys?

Few days ago I went to the new cafe in Kiev. And... it's totally in GOT style! I like it very much!!!
Do You want to visit it once?))

I want to wish You great week! And hope, this photo, made until my Grand European Phototour in Vienna, Austria by remarkable photographer Ray Light!
P.S. I never smoke, sigarette is only for photo.

Lots of kisses,
Marianna Merkulova.
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