Summer doesn't ends!
Hi to You from Taiwan! Today is my last day here.

Every day was so hot: +38*C! So, I felt, that Autumn has not started yet. But at 23:35 I will fly back to Kiev. So, I have now "Summertime sadness".

And now I want to remind for myself 15 reasons, why this Summer was the best in my life!

So, my 15 reasons to say to the Summer: "Don't go!"
1. I met the 1st Summer day in beautiful city, which I visited first time in my life - Vilnius, Lithuania. And saw there fantastic sunset!
2. After Vilnius I went to my favorite country - Italy. Visited Milan and Turin. Had very nice shooting with famous Italian photographer - Davide Esposito. Met good and friendly people.

3. My next stop was Sicilly, where I opened my swimming season. Sicily is amazing island with many picturesque places, delicious food and good people. Time in Sicily was my little vacation. In fast speed of life you usually haven't enough of time to spend it alone with yourself. And at these days I received my time to analyze all, what happened with me last few weeks, and to make plans for future.

4. After my coming back home from Sicily I made very important decision - I decided to move to live to Kiev!
5. Next day after my moving to Kiev I went to my German phototour. It was my first time in Germany. I visited 3 cities: Amberg, Nurnberg and Münich. I received a lot of pleasure from my work and Germany!
6. Two weeks in Germany were finished and I came back to my new home town - Kiev. Next morning happend one thing, which reminded me, how funny and unexpectable is my life! I had breakfast with my good friend Sasha. And after breakfast my manager called me and told, that they have one project in Corsica with famous french photographer, but one model lost her passport and can't fly. So, he asked me, if I want to follow them. Of course I wanted! So, I had just 15 minutes to come back home and to take some things with me. It was maybe the fastest road charges in my life! We flight to Corse by private jet. It was also my first time in such type of plane. Oh, what's the view was from window!
7. Corsica was my 3rd island, which I visited in my life. And my first time in this part of France. We had very good time with other models, good work and a lot of fun!Night I spent on the stern of catamaran. I was lying and admired starry sky. And felt myself very happy!
8. Another interesting experience was, when I came to the night beach of Calvi. Rules not let people to swim at the sea at night. There was so peaceful: warm water, night and nobody here! In such moments you can feel yourself alone with nature. Special moments. I wanted to swim. But I hadn't swimsuit on me, so... I went to swim nude.

9. My next stop was Paris. From my window was visible Eiffel Tower. If you just can imagine, how beautiful is sunrise there!

10. Next few days in Kiev were also unforgettable! I made one of my dreams come true - I jumped with parachute!

When plane flight up to the sky, I was sitting near the window and cried from happiness. I was dreaming about it all my life! And just one step separates you from the falling into the sky... 3200 meters of high, 2 minutes of free falling, 6 minutes of flight. Wow, just wow!

11. New country was waiting me - fantastic Switzerland!

I had an unforgettable walking to the mountains. Beauty of this place is amazing!

12. One morning in Switzerland was very special for me - I waked up and saw beautiful roses on my window.

13. New experience again! Surfing! At they first ocean - Atlantic Ocean!

14. This Summer I worked for two Ukrainian TV projects (I'm actress).

15. When I came back to Sevastopol (city, where I was born and lived 24 years) new experience was waiting me - kayaking!

I love my Summer!

And what about Your Summer? Write me, please, Your 15 reasons, why this Summer was good for You!

With love,
Marianna Merkulova.
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