Hi to You, my dear friend, from the hot Tel-Aviv!

Today is my last day here, so tomorrow I will fly back to Kiev.

I flight here to have a small vacation with my mom. It was my dream for a long time - to bring her somewhere, out of the Russia/Ukraine, and, finally, it came true! I'm so proud and happy to make this dream come true!!!
We were here for 12 days.
The second day of being here was really crazy, because of the weather! It was +42*C! Do You can just imagine, how hot it was??! I thought, I will die!
But all other days were much more better.
We had a really good time here: we swam in the Mediterranean Sea, visited Bat-Yam, Old Jaffa, Haifa, Bahá'i Garden... Israel is the country, that is full of beautiful places! Unfortunately, I not visited Jerusalem, Eilat and the Dead Sea, because I had a lot of work here. But, I think, I was need to leave something on the future time.
So, I have what to plan for the next year))
So, as I wrote, I had a lot of work here! And I know, what will make Your evening better!
Check the new gallery with the first results of my shootings!
Shooting with Mike Darzi.

Check out and come back to leave your impression of these photos in commets!

Kisses! :****
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