Hi! I'm glad to meet You here, on my Official website!

My name is Marianna Merkulova. I'm International glamour&nude photomodel, Playmate, TV actress from Crimea, Russia. Now I'm based in Kiev, Ukraine.

I have worked as a professional model since my young age. It was more as hobby to me - shootings in "fashion" style.
When I became little bit elder, I started to pay attention to the genre of the nude photo. I liked it, because of the beautiful woman, with their sexual body and their own sexuality in their eyes, in every movement. What can be better and more beautiful? I was too young and didn't think that I was as beautiful to be a nude model. But somewhere deep down I wanted to be so beautiful and attractive, as nude models are. When I received the invitation to do my first shooting, I thought; "Why not?". So, I did it!

In my country people like to give "labels" to other people, which have different lifestyle, thoughts, world outlook, dreams, work, than most of all people have. So, when you decide to be a nude model, they start to say, that you're a bitch. Because, according to their minds, all what woman can do in her medium age - it's to go marry with her first man, to cook and to born children to him.
They say, that just husband can see woman nude, because woman should to have a "secret" inside.
It's very stupid, because "darkmind" people can't understand, how aesthetics of nude body is important in growing up the "sense of beauty" in humans mind. Human's aspiration to "hide" women's beauty gives loathsome results: women aren't the "driving force" of the Universe anymore, they lost their ability to inspirate men on making really great things! Their "secret" from their energy and mind came down to the "betweenlegs" part. They became to be slaves. But women-slaves can't born men-Kings... Women's "enslavement" is the one reason, why we have now so many weak men nowadays. I see it clearly in my country: 75% of men aren't interested in providing their women and children with all what they need, in making something useful. All their aspirations are limited with small sofa opposite the TV and bottle of the beer, and making psychological and physical abuse to their women occasionally.
Yes, in my "young years" I also thought, that to marry with someone it's one of the most important thing in life. I believed, that first of all I need to find "my" man - and after it to start to "grow up" with our minds together. But my experience showed me, that, when you create family with "immature" person, your "grooving up" finished at the same moment. But I always knew, that I'm something more powerful, than incubator and food processor in one person.
So, now I'm here. From "pour girl with ambitions" I grew up to the TOP of nude model of the world, to the clever and self-sufficient woman. I travelled a lot. I learned many things. I grew my mind up. I inspired many girl to the same way - not to be slaves, to be a personality. I'm provide my family with all, what they need. I'm proud of myself! And I would not have had all it in case, if I preferred to be at the mercy of the wedding ring, immature-mind husband and bored society of the dirty plates once.
It not means, that I depreciated the idea of creating family with "my" person for myself. I know, how important is to find a soulmate. But now I know, that it should be someone, who will be interested in your "grooving up" even more, than yourself. Who will try to make you life better every day. Who will let you to be a "muse" instead of make you a "slave" - who will let to yourselves to be free together. I now, that it's a big work and long way - to be a SUCH person. To be an integral and self-sufficiency personality. To have positive mind and to be open minded to this magnificent world! To live a full life! To create a new life, when you can to fill up this life with many good things!

I created this site for two reasons. First - as my model page, where photographers can see my works and to acquaint with the other photographer's experience of work with me. And second - the most important for me - because I have so many people, which are interested in my life, in me not just as model, but as personality. And I want reciprocate them.
So, my dear guest, please, let me to know you better here, in comments. Let's know each other!

Sincerely yours,
Marianna Merkulova.
Model, dreamer, life lover.

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