Stephan TH
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
"It was an outstanding pleasure to work with Marianna! She is such a friendly and positive minded person, always motivated and full of energy. Highly professional attitude combined with a confident taste of styling and makeup. Highly recommended to all photographers! Next shooting is arranged ;-)"
Manuel Gonzalez Devesa
"Two days shooting with Marianna were enough to know that in front of my camera there was a Top Model. Always ready to work, never looks like tired, all the time concentrated. Her smile and her look are uniques. The camera easily falling in love Marianna."
Jose Luis Maylin
"My workshop experience whith Marianna has been very very positive because whith her its very easy take pictures, as she move very easy and natural in front of the camera. Marianna is a big professional and she is that because it was very lovely to work whith her. Thanks to Marianna very much for these two unforgotenablle days beside her."
Juanjo Pascual Jota
"My work with Marianna Merkulova only can define how exceptional and fantastic. From the first moment she was involved in the session, showed a high degree of professionalism and followed all the instructions perfectly. She interpreted perfectly what I wanted to reflect in the picture. We overcame the language barrier speaking English and communication was very smooth. It was an unforgettable sesión with an unforgettable person."
Philippe Claes
Leopoldsburg, Limburg, Belgium
"I had a great shoot with Marianna ! She is a very beautiful model and has the ability to deliver very various and nice poses while shooting. I can only recommend her ! "
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